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Welcome to the first blog of The Angry Donkey!

I am excited to share with all of you our journey, adventures, challenges and successes here at the Angry Donkey, my name is Keltie Domina co-owner with my husband Joe, for those of you that we have not had the pleasure of meeting yet.

Throughout this blog, I will be writing about, many topics which I hope are of interest to you. The restaurant, our incredible staff, and all the fun we are having in between! Believe me I am no professional writer so feel free to share your comments, ideas and overall perspective.

Joe and I have been so well received in Clinton County and Michigantown. Our decision to purchase the Angry Donkey took quite a while, but we are thrilled and excited about the future, thank you for the warm reception and friendly hospitality. It is very much appreciated!

I couldn’t write the first blog without talking about our first employee, who is more like a partner, Tom Armstrong! Tom sort of came with the building in a sense. We talked with him, shared our ideas and luckily enough he decided to hang out with us and see what we were all about.

Anything you see at our establishment, from the handrail and ramps outside to the beautiful barn door that closes our private dining room to all you cannot see in the basement, kitchen, attic and beyond ... well, that’s all Tom! Can you even imagine the blessing this man is to us? He literally can do almost anything.

Born in Brunswick GA, he and his family moved to Indiana at an early age. He lived in several towns and graduated from Tipton High School. His journey has led him through farming, carpentry and construction. Tom has two amazing sons, Andy and Tommy. This past summer their family gained an amazing daughter in law Amanda. In addition to that family he also has five beautiful Siberian Huskies that he loves spending time with…now I see where he gets his gentle and caring side. Most recently, he spent 3 years remodeling the Angry Donkey from the ground up. In his very rare spare time, he enjoys car races, fishing and time with his family. I cannot leave a pan of bread pudding out… he can smell it from a mile away!! The man definitely has a sweet tooth!! We are truly blessed to know and have Tom on our team!!

Now that the kids are back at school and everyone has a routine we have decided to increase our hours. Starting September 5th our hours will be Wednesday-Saturday 11:00am-9:00pm. And on October 7th, be looking for our Sunday Brunch from 10:00am-2:00pm

Do you have a favorite dining experience from your childhood? Growing up in Delphi, my parents would always take us to Morris Bryant in West Lafayette for special occasions and our birthdays. It was amazing for me to see all the foods on display, and to be able to have whatever I wanted. We hope our Sunday Brunch will become a tradition for you and your family.

It is hard to believe harvest is just around the corner? Have a special farmer in your life? call ahead, and order either lunch or dinner for all your workers. Truly my favorite time of the year! I remember so vividly helping my Father, riding on the combine, watching the corn trucks pull up and the sweet smells. Let us know how we can help you this year.

See you at the Donkey!

God Bless, Keltie

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Toni Moss
Toni Moss
15 sep. 2018

The apple crisp alamode is Also light enough to finish your dining experience wether lunch or dinner.


Toni Moss
Toni Moss
15 sep. 2018

Luv the apple crisp alamode. Taste like fall. Worth going in for just it for afternoon snack. Just right size for one person or to share.

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