Joe Domina

Joe Domina -

Chef Owner

Born in Pittsburgh, PA Joe worked as a prep cook at Freddie’s Pizzeria in Bethel Park, PA where he had a passion for food at an early age. His family moved to Las Vegas, NV when he was a senior in high school giving him the opportunity to be immersed in the best that the hospitality industry had to offer back in the mid 70’s. His career was set in motion as a high school student when he started working in Hotels on the Las Vegas strip and getting hands on experience from some of the finest Chefs at that time.  He knew he wanted to be a Chef himself.  After graduating from the Culinary Institute of America in Hyde Park, NY, and a BS from UNLV in Las Vegas, NV  his career was set in motion.  His time on the strip was almost story book, feeding celebrities such as : Tony Orlando, Cher, Frank Sinatra just to mention a few.


After graduation Joe took the Executive Chef position at the Portland Hilton in Portland Oregon, at that time the youngest Executive Chef in Hiltons history at the age of 24. He was there for 18 years.  Again, feeding many notable people such as Presidents, Reagan, Bush and Clinton and fed Michael Jordan a steak in the back-service hallway.  Moving to Indiana for the sake of his wife’s family in 2000, he was hired as Ex Chef of the Indianapolis Marriott downtown. He enjoyed feeding the Colts at every home game and still remembers how fun it was cooking with David Letterman’s mom from her cook book.  From there he has held a few other positions at the RCA dome and spent the last 10 years in Senior living concluding with several roles as Vice President of Culinary Operations where he appreciated creating food and developing systems to help our elderly population enjoy their lives through food and service.


Which leads to his newest endeavor with his wife Keltie.   Keltie and Company LLC, a hospitality company. Their first venue The Angry Donkey, a Hoosier bistro will be opening in early July 2018. Awakening Rural Indiana and embracing as much locally sourced foods as possible.   Come Hungry, can’t wait to serve you!

Keltie Domina

Keltie Domina -


Keltie grew up on her family farm in Delphi Indiana.  She had a great child hood and enjoyed all the benefits of living in a small town. After attending Design school Culinary school and Oregon State University all in Oregon a career in hospitality was formed. She has a servant’s heart and loves taking care of others.


After living in Oregon for 17 years, Keltie and her family moved back to Indiana. Her Father was ill but passed before they got settled. It was great to be closer to her mom back then, and now today as she needs more help


Her experience is vast, from restaurants, country clubs and catering, however, her most worthy and proud moments in her career have been catering the Hillsboro Air show, in 1992 Hillsboro Oregon and creating and branding Kelties Restaurant and Catering in downtown Westfield, Indiana where she absolutely loved being for almost ten years. 


She has been in the hospitality industry for nearly 35 years.  Serving others is her truest passion. Whether at the restaurant, in the community, or at home.   After her love for the Lord her most admirable, sincere and heartfelt desires are for that of her two children Joe and Emily. They have been the most caring, loving and supportive part of her growth as a mother, person and have helped to keep her grounded in her faith.  Both growing up to be amazing young adults.  Joe works at Seton Hall University as a missionary leader for St. Pauls Outreach and Emily is heading to New Mexico in August, 2018 to complete her masters in Family Studies.

The journey continues with her husband Joe, Keltie and Company, LLC a hospitality company.   Launching their first establishment with the Angry Donkey a Hoosier Bistro in Michigantown, IN. This hidden gem is literally 30 minutes or so from everywhere.   She is eager to showcase their Hoosier inspired cuisine and remarkable hospitality.  With a tremendous sense of community, tenacious work ethic and the enthusiasm and skill to get it done she will work tirelessly building their team to showcase the best of Indiana.   Coming back to rural Indiana is at the heart of all she was raised with, the people in Michigantown and in Clinton County have been so inviting and welcoming and we are excited to share our talents with you!


 Please stop by and say hi or come in and have a meal. 

God Bless!

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