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Keltie  Sullivan

Owner & Proprieter

Keltie grew up on her family farm in Delphi, Indiana, where she had a great childhood and enjoyed all the benefits of living in a small town. She has a servant’s heart and loves taking care of others. After her love for the Lord,  her most admirable, sincere, and heartfelt desires are for that of her two children, Joey and Emily. They have been the most caring, loving, and supportive part of her growth as a mother and person and have helped to keep her grounded in her faith.  Both have grown up to be amazing young adults, and she is proud to be their mother. 

Her experience is vast, from restaurants and country clubs to catering; however, two career moments she is most proud of  have been catering the 1992 Hillsboro Air show; and creating and branding Keltie's Restaurant and Catering in downtown Westfield, Indiana. 


Moving to Oregon to pursue design and culinary school, Keltie stayed, working in the hospitality industry for nearly 20 years before moving back to Indiana to be closer to her aging parents. 

Keltie has been in the hospitality industry for over 35 years.  Serving others is her truest passion; whether at the restaurant, in the community, or at home. Coming back to rural Indiana is at the heart of all she was raised with; the people in Michigantown and in Clinton County have been so inviting and welcoming. She is eager to showcase her Hoosier-inspired cuisine and remarkable hospitality.  With a tremendous sense of community, tenacious work ethic and the enthusiasm and skill to get it done, she will work tirelessly building the team at the Angry Donkey to showcase the best of Indiana.


Please stop by to say hi and have a meal!

God Bless!


Chelsi lives in Michigantown with her husband, Nash, and their cute daughter, Oaklyn. She likes to spend time with her family, playing outside, and going for walks. 

Chelsi oversees all in-house events as well as special events. She is also our Social Media and Website Manager. She started working at the Angry Donkey part-time but quickly learned how great of a place it was to work. She's grateful for the opportunity, and looks forward to working with all of our guests to make their event special! 

Chelsi Kelly 

Sales and Marketing Manager


Everything is better when Tom is around. He helps everyone and the man can do just about anything!! From smoking all our meats to making sure all our equipment is running properly and so much more. Having a one-hundred-year-old building requires a lot of maintenance and we simply could not do it without Tom and his great attitude. Thanks, Tom, for going above and beyond every day!!

Tom Armstrong

Building Maintenance

Pit Boss

Kimberley Wegman - Co-Assistant Front of House Manager, Bartender Extraordinaire

Jerri  Leap - Co-Assistant Front of House Manager

Liz Caldwell - Sous Chef

Courtney Conklin - Lead Lunch Cook, Baker

Jimmy  Carter - Lead Fry & Grill Cook


History of the Angry Donkey

Coming Soon... 

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